Happines Project and Inspirational videos

Here is a list of the 5 most inspirational videos on youtube, (2 of them are videos I had already posted, namely the last lecture, and steve jobs commencement speech). Another interesting site is called the happiness project "a memoir about the year I spent test-driving every principle, tip, theory, and scientific study I could find, whether from Aristotle or St. Therese or Martin Seligman or Oprah." The most recent post is called "Enjoy the process" The post states that as part of her family vacation they decided to treat the whole process whether it was waiting in lines or anything else to try and enjoy it. Thanks to Angie for the intersting links.

Speaking of travelling, some friends of mine went to Paris at ate at a restaurant, Dans le Noir, that translates to "In the dark." The waiters are all blind, and you have to put all light emitting objects, like cell phones in a locker before you enter. You are then served dinner in pitch dark. They said the food was great although, not surprisingly, someone spilled wine all over them.

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