Seek and ye shall find

I have heard this... "Be careful what you look for, you will find it." It seems that people don't have much control over what they look for. They seem to compulsively recreate their childhoods, frued called it repitition compulsion.

I suspect it's an evolutionary instinct. In the days of early man, life expectancy was not very long, and your parents were likely to die before you finished raising your children, so I think it's ingrained in us to recreate our childhood. For some people that had relatively good childhoods, that's a good thing, they recreate that type of environment for their children. For others that were traumatized as children, it's not so good... it's why some people seem to make the same decisions repeatedly, even if they are unhealthy... whether it's choosing your relationships, the way you treat your children, whether you believe in god, or if you abuse drugs or alcohol. It influences what is in your heart. How do you recreate your childhood?

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