Crystal Castles: history repeats itself

In the 80s, technology progressed to the point of making low resolution electronic keyboards financially practical. The sound has made a huge comeback for some time now... from Intergalatic by the Beasty Boys to more recently Crystal Castles.

Truthfully, the keyboards sucked... eventually they were replaced by keyboards with higher resolution and sampling frequencies... Today I think we are seeing the same thing in finance... Long Term Capital Management imploded  in 98, was bailed out by the government, and probably set a bad precedent. Complex mortgage backed securities and quantitative hedge funds wouldn't be possible in their current form without the advances in computers. I'm saying Long Term Capital Management is the Herbie Hancock of finance.  

I have worked on programs that are used to do analysis for mutual and hedge funds. At this point, computers can only do what they are programmed to do.  Many expert systems fail because they don't take into account the real factors experts use like intuition, of which the experts aren't fully cognizant. 

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