John Thain and micro expressions

I have been interested in micro-expressions, facial expressions that last only a fraction of a second that indicate emotion, since I read blink, and more recently after watching the show Lie to me (which is based largely on the work of Paul Ekman). Today I was watching WSJ report and John Thaine, the recently ousted CEO of Merryl Lynch, was interviewed and he really gave himself away. On this clip watch as he says "I would first say I was surprised", then a quick grin flashes across his face. I'm not exactly sure what it means, but I suspect he was not surprised at all and that he's quite pleased with himself for pulling a fast one on Bank of America.

There is another point in the interview where Maria Bartiroma asks him about about them loosing 15 billion dollars in the 4th quarter, and he says "Well Maria as you know over the course of the year" he then pauses and does a half smile that indicates contempt.

I had been skeptical, but this is the first time I have actually spotted a micro expression.


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