Secret Histroy of Silicon Valley

In this google tech talk, the secret history of silicon valley, Steve Blank talks about electronic warfare and intelligence in WWII and the cold war, and how that funding led to Silcon Valley as we know it, including the influence of Fred Terman, the father of silcon valley.

Some of the interesting facts in this video are how the US figured out Germany's radar and integrated air defense system, and the Soviet Unions. For instance, before satellites were launched in the 60s, the moon was used as a reflector for detecting radar installations in the Soviet Union. It's strange how engineers seems non-threatening in life, but have created weapons, intelligence, and defense systems that have been used to devastating effect. Probably the best example of that phenomena (not mentioned in this video) is Richard Feynman, one of my heros, who worked on the manhattan project, and picked locks.

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