MicroExpressions: contempt and scorn

Since I have been studying micro-expressions, I see them frequently. Here is a recent example: Jim Cramer called the Obama Budget the "Greatest Wealth Destruction By a President". Rober Gibbs, Obama's press secretary, was asked to respond (video below). At 11 seconds, he flashes a micro-expression for scorn (disgust and anger). Watch the first video on Paul Ekman's site and he explains it with an example of Kado Kaylin. Gibbs also shows the contempt micro-expression at 35 seconds. He then validates the expressions and admits he is concealing the way he really feels by saying "This is where I have to probably be careful."

Scorn at 11 seconds

Contempt at 35 seconds


Robert said...

Hey check the one sided faded shoulder shrug at 3:15. If I am correct that means he had no confidence in what he just said. Right?

Anonymous said...

Also at 0:31, even though he's smiling you can see his eyebrows tensed and pulled down when he looks down. I think he was angry at the person asking the question.