Mobile is better

Everyday, I keep finding apps that I think are better on the mobile device. Here are some examples:

-At work, I sometimes check my gmail on my phone, even though I'm sitting at a computer. I rarely check email on my home computer.

-I use the remember the milk to do list mobile app, but never did use the web site.

-I recently setup a Sonos speaker system and their desktop software wouldn't run properly. However, I was able to set up to stream Spotify and Pandora just using my iPhone.

-I use OnSite Time Tracker which automatically tracks my time at a location to invoice clients. I wrote the app myself and currently, it has a feature to export a csv file. However, I am planning to synch it to iCloud, generate pdf invoices to email, come up with a basic system to assign invoice numbers and track what's paid and due. At that point, I can stop emailing the information to my PC to invoice.

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