Naming your startup

Consider a short name, preferably 2 syllables
Google, Apple, Ebay, Yahoo, Exxon, Nike, Levis, Delta, Volvo, Target

It is likely the name will change to 2 syllables:
Federal Express = Fed Ex

General Electric = GE
Pan American Airlines = Pan Am

Los Angeles = LA
Kevin Fedderline = k fed
Volkswagon = VW

Alliteration is catchy
Tech Brands: Google, Twitter, PayPal, BlackBerry, PayPal, SamSung, BlackBerry, Palm Pilot.
Coca cola, Dunkin Donuts, Best Buy, Chuckee Cheese's, Krispy Kreme, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Ted Talks, bible, Gray Goose, Tater tots, Kit Kat, Roto Rooter, Armor All.
Names: Ronald Reagan, Don Draper, Marylin Monroe, Jesse Jackson.
Here are more examples

Describe the product or benefits
Burger King, Scotch Tape, Krazy Glue, Zip Car, White Out, Zip Lock, Photoshop, Shake and Bake,
Die Hard batteries, Intensive Care Lotion, Head and Shoulders, Edge shaving cream

These ideas for naming companies and products are largely lifted from Positioning: The battle for your mind.

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