Wild speculation about the iTv

Apple is rumored to be releasing a tv soon. Here is my wildest speculation about what it might include.
iTv will have a retina display.
iTv will have an app store similar to existing apple tv, but with a more apps, especially games.
iTv will have a microphone and a camera built in.
FaceTime will be included out of the box.
Siri like integration for commands to find shows.
Camera will have motion sensing abilities like kinnect.

There will be a mobile app for iTv for control and navigation, like slow motion and rewind controls.
There will be a separate iTv remote with basic buttons that runs over wifi.
The iTv remote will have an accelerometer like wii/roku remotes for games
iTv will offer a service similar to cable that includes on demand programming and a cloud dvr.

iTv will not allow external devices to integrate.  It will have wifi or ethernet as only inputs.

Apple will discontinue external Apple TV devices.

Here are some of the apps:
There will be a ton of content apps. Like the existing  iTunes, netflix, youtube, etc.  Later including hbo go, espn, hulu, vimeo, justin.tv, etc.
There will be tons of games.
Video conference apps (facetime at first, but later google hangout, skype etc.)

-there will be an app called laugh track that play the real laughter of people that have watched the show.

-there will be an app called mystery science theater 3000 that allows users to record commentary or jokes over media.  It also lets users upvote the best comments.

-there will be an app that allows other users to re-edit content you have bought and distribute only the edits.  Example: pulp fiction or momento in chronological order, or every scene from scarface where the F word is used.


Orion Blastar said...

Apple should totally steal the Roku technology. AppleTV sucks and Roku got it right six years ago.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't sound like you've actually used both devices. The Roku UI remains clunky ... at best. Things that are supposedly selling points for it (like reading fro USB devices) is horribly broken. You can't even list the contents of a directory! You have to cycle through every movie one by one. Painful.