George Bush Expressions about Saddam Execution

In this 60 minutes interview in 2007, (at around 4:40 in the clip) George Bush reacts to questions about seeing Saddam Hussein's execution on the internet. He is showing microexpression for happiness. Microexpressions are involuntary responses when you are trying to conceal emotions. Happiness is indicated by the upturned corners of the mouth, but also by slight lowering of the skin between the eyebrow and upper eyelid.

During the interview Bush says "I though it [the execution] was discouraging"

When asked about Saddam's execution on the internet: "You didn't want to see him go through the trap door?" Bush responds "Yes, I didn't want to see." Then he makes this microexpression, pictured above, that indicates happiness.

Asked If he got any satisfaction out of the execution Bush said: "I'm not a revengeful person. I'm glad he received the justice he was due." His facial expression after this statement is shown above.

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