MicroExpression: Sadness

This is the face of an Air Force official after he was asked if they ever get it wrong when making missile strikes from unmanned drones. This is a sadness microexpression. If you watch the clip it's quick, he's trying to hold it back. It's about 16 seconds into the clip.


Metcalfe said...

Hi, very interesting.
This video is not available anymore, so I cannot watch it and draw a baseline about his neutral expression, but I don't think it's sadness. Eyebrows don't seem pulled up together as in sadness but the inner corners seem pulled down and lower eyelids seem tense as in anger.
Lips are pressed as in anger and a slight jaw thrust.
Maybe little anger for the question, but like I wrote I based it on this picture without a baseline


Freakngeckos said...

I agree.